A New Approach with Great Results!

We decided to try a new approach to finding a speaker for our 41st Seminar. Normally, we invite a well-known photographer, someone with a high profile and well-established record of teaching, to be our featured speaker, and then we work out the details of the seminar program and workshops they will present over two days the following Spring. This has yielded some great results, but we thought we might be missing some good people by this approach.  To find out, we issued a Call for Proposals to a number of photographic artists, and asked them to propose  the content for our Weekend. And, if we did not already know them, we asked them to tell us about their experience teaching in different settings. We’re delighted to report that this led to a great result: our speaker for the 2020 Latow Photography Weekend is Kas Stone, and we could not be more excited with the program she has developed. For more about Kas, check out her website. For more about  the April 2020 Latow Weekend, visit the website when it’s been updated, which will be very very soon!

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